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Cheryl Heller has a history of building new capacities within organizations that expand their reach and make them more resilient. She is the Founding Chair of the first MFA program in Design for Social Innovation at SVA and President of the design lab CommonWise.



Nancye Green began her career working in and with communities to reshape their built environments reflecting their needs and their cultures. After serving to help shape the new Architect-in-Schools Program for the National Endowment for the Arts, she founded her design firm with partner Michael Donovan.



Anne K.


Anne K. LaFond MS is the Director of the JSI Center for Health Information, Monitoring and Evaluation (CHIME), and a Senior Evaluation Specialist with a focus on MNCH and immunization programs, health systems performance and development effectiveness.



Cheryl is the Executive Director of The Lewis Institute and The Babson Social Innovation Lab, and is responsible for leading a critical aspect of the strategy for Babson by promoting broad support for Babson's work in integrating social innovation, social responsibility and social relevance into its curriculum and co-curricular activities.

Daniel Schwartz

Daniel Schwartz is the CEO of Dynamica, Inc., a philanthropic foundation and multi-family office serving some of the world's most generous and effective philanthropists.




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