Cheryl Kiser

The Lewis Institute and Babson Social Innovation Lab

Cheryl is the Executive Director of The Lewis Institute and The Babson Social Innovation Lab, and is responsible for leading a critical aspect of the strategy for Babson by promoting broad support for Babson's work in integrating social innovation, social responsibility and social relevance into its curriculum and co-curricular activities.


Cheryl led the design of The MBA Intensity Track in Business and Social Innovation, Designed and teaches an MBA Elective in Creating Social Value an immersive experience for corporate executives and MBA’s. Cheryl co-designed and teaches one of Babson’s online offerings, From Corporate Social Responsibility to Social Innovation.

Cheryl is also the co-creator of Food Sol an “action tank” at Babson’s Social Innovation Lab dedicated to using entrepreneurship to redesign the food system.


Cheryl is the author of Creating Social Value: A Guide for Leaders and Changemakers 2014


Cheryl has authored a chapter in the book about Babson’s educational practice; Evolving Entrepreneurial  Education: Innovation in The Classroom.



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